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2021 Online Lessons


TERM ONE Feb 05 - March 26, 2021

Your weekly lesson will be available on stated dates.


Live Small Group lesson


How to get the best results from your online lessons

05 February

Voice projection/ Introduction

12 February


19 February

Poise and posture correction/ Exercise

26 February

Runway Technique/ stride

5 March

JNR- Whats your style SNR-Make-up

12 March

Photographic/ Photo challenge

19 April

Pageant stride and technique

29 April

You’ll be amazed of how easy it is…

Watch Lesson Video

Each lesson has a video with step by step teaching swell as follow along parts. Videos include most of our teaches, so when models attend monthly lesson they will be more femilier with teachers

Step by step assignments

Every lesson will have an assignment for models to do during the week to improve their skills.

Interactive feed back

Assignments will be checked by EMM teachers to help correct and help where each model needs it. you will receive feedback to correct and learn.