Extreme model management Academy

Where models receive professional training, grooming and life skills and become part of the EMM family

EMM Academy Classes

Academy Classes are held around KZN for Jnr and Snr models. 

Find a branch near you and come join us. Each person will have the opportunity to have a free 30 min viewing at one of our branches. Please sign up below.

Covid 19 Regulations 

If you would like to join us at one of our branch All must wear a face mask and adhere to social distancing, sanitizing etc 




Port Shepstone


The Model Academy, takes pride in training KZN’s models by identifying their talent and developing our models by improving their self-confidence, modelling skills and techniques in catwalk, photographic modelling, deportment and acting, whilst also equipping our students with important
life skills including etiquette and improving self-presentation.

Extreme Model Management’s dynamic Model Academy with highly skilled and passionate training staff and coaches, we have more than 15 years’ experience in teaching up to date courses, which  give students insight to the industry as well as practical training and experience on what the industry expects.

Meet the team

Adelle B

Founder Of EMM/ Lead Trainer

Shane B

Male model trainer/ Marketing trainer

Suné C

EMM Partner/ Qualified EMM Trainer

Roné N

Qualified EMM Trainer

Cindy S

2nd Year Training Teacher

Cleo V

2nd Year Training Teacher

Ashleigh K

2nd Year Training Teacher

Wendy K

2nd Year Training Teacher

Cameron P

1st Year Training Teacher

Ashlin B

1st Year Training Teacher

Robyn H

1st Year Training Teacher

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